Moving, in general, sucks. No one likes to pack up their stuff, let alone give it to someone else to move across the state. Who do you trust? Would it be cheaper to rent a truck and drive it yourself? Who is going to help you load and unload? We were lucky enough to know there would be a moving reimbursement, so we decided to research moving companies.

I called about five moving companies, getting quotes from four of them. They were all incredibly helpful and very pushy. I thought the company we picked, that seemed incredibly helpful over the phone, would be perfect. What I didn’t do, was look for reviews online. This turned out to be a big mistake.

We packed all our belongings, preparing them in exactly the way we had been instructed:

20140125-173855.jpgBoxes were packed, furniture was secured, our suitcases filled. Pick up was scheduled for Friday, January 3rd. And then the snowstorm hit on the 2nd. After calling the company multiple times to find out when they were coming for pick-up, they told us they would arrive around 5pm on Saturday the 4th. This through our plans for me to start on Monday into disarray, so we got up that morning, went and had breakfast, and then I was going to be on the road to Altoona with Matt following after the truck was packed and on its way. As we packed the cars, the driver called and said they would be there at noon…fabulous! We decided they could load the truck and we would be on our way by 3pm.

That was wishful thinking. We were promised 3 people to load the truck, we got 2. One was there to lift things only, and didn’t know how to load the truck, so the guy doing the box inventory had to take a break every 5 minutes to teach the guy who was moving things how to put it on the truck. We told them, “We’d like to be on the road by 4pm.” I think they moved slower. We finally, FINALLY, got on the road by 6:30pm, after filling out paperwork that I could have had filled out and ready to be signed by the time they were done loading the truck. It meant I couldn’t finish cleaning the apartment and ended up leaving mud and salt everywhere…I felt so bad.

We were told we would get a phone call letting us know when they would show up. That took multiple phone calls to the company for them to figure out. They finally told us they would be showing up on Thursday the 9th. The first problem they had was they couldn’t get the truck into the parking lot. They finally got that figured out and Matt called me 20 minutes later to tell me they had made a mess of our stuff. When they opened the truck, this is what Matt found:

Back of Truck 2Our stuff was moved from the smaller truck it was loaded on and literally thrown into this truck. More pictures from the back of the truck. Note the fragile box crushed between two other boxes.

Back of Truck 5 Back of Truck 6 Back of Truck 8I came over when Matt called and I flipped out. Screamed and sobbed…my poor boss, who had come over to support me, saw Rage Colleen for the first time. Unfortunately, when we called the moving company to complain, they were beyond not helpful. As more and more things came off the truck, the angrier I became.

Wicker Box 1 A wicker box that we had had forever was destroyed. Side Table 5 One of our side tables was broken.Picture Frame Box 2 This is a box that held some of our artwork…it looks like it has been punched. Office Chair 2 Matt’s desk chair torn apart.Grandmother's Mirror 3 My grandmother’s antique hand mirror shattered. Folding Bookcase 4 A shelf on our folding bookshelf broken. Dent in Antique Desk 1 A dent on Matt’s great grandfather’s antique desk. Crushed Box 2 One of our boxes torn apart. Book Shelf 1 A bookshelf that looks like it was chewed on. 20140125-173935.jpg My sewing machine case. 20140125-174000.jpgMy Outstanding Attorney trophy.

There has been no redress from the moving company. They seem to have no ethic of care for their customers, no ethics in general. Learn from our mistake. Don’t ever use All State Van Lines for your moving needs unless you would like to see your items broken and the worst customer service you could imagine.