We have been in Ohio for a week and I am finally feeling settled in. The first week at work was a whirlwind of meeting people, figuring out where things are, and dealing with the nightmare that is our moving company (post on that coming later). I am really enjoying work but I hadn’t left campus until Saturday when we went to Walmart. That was depressing and makes me want to plan my shopping strategically so I can drive to Target when I need things. It’s weird to not have one within 10 minutes…I feel like we have always been near a store, so I feel like I have to get used to a whole new set of products. I know, that sounds strange.
Now that our stuff is here, I feel like we actually live here…once we actually get pictures up on the walls, I’ll take some pictures and post them. We definitely had to repurpose some of the furniture we brought with us and incorporate the furniture that was already here. Although to be honest, I enjoy having a place to display our coffee table books. Our kitchen is still confusing…all of the upper cabinets are actual cabinets, but everything below the counter is drawers, which makes it really freaking hard to put our pots anywhere. Since we have a drop ceiling, we can’t hang our pot rack, so we are still improvising. It will be a happy day when every single box is unpacked!
I’m looking forward to pro staff training this week and getting to know my staff…they are awesome so far and I can’t wait to meet my grads to complete Team Colleen!