I just finished Day 3 of my brand new job at Miami University of Ohio…it has been awesome so far!

Back in December, I accepted a job as an Assistant Director of Residence Life at Miami University in Oxford, OH. It was an incredibly fast turnaround and the job has everything I was looking for in my next position: large institution, opportunity to supervise grads and professionals, the opportunity to get my doctorate and a focus on student development/learning.

I talked in my Thanksgiving post about feeling confident enough to step forward into this big change if it happened…and I carried that confidence through my interview and into the week of waiting after. I have never felt more calm throughout a process than I did with this one. It was truly like the stars aligned and led me to this place.

After that happened, the next week turned into a week of goodbyes and intense work to get everything done I wanted to do before I left. I cried. A LOT. Conn was an incredibly important part of my life and I will always value my experiences there. Saying goodbye to some of my students broke my heart…I’ve watched them grow from shy freshmen to confident student leaders and I was really sad that I was not going to see them finish out this year. And then saying goodbye to co-workers who have been like family to me was beyond painful. Darcie literally ran away from me so she wouldn’t have to say goodbye.

Sidenote: Sara Bareille’s song “Brave” just came on the People’s Choice Awards…I know it is popular, but it has been following me the past four days…it’s like my Conn family is reminding me that I can do this!

Needless to say, after Christmas, I went into major packing mode. My mom came up to help us and Kevin and Kels and the kids came down the same weekend to help and spend time with us. We were ready to go on New Year’s Day, when the stupid snowstorm hit and we were snowed in. So after planning to leave on Friday, the truck finally arrived on Saturday and the movers took 6 hours to pack the truck. 6 HOURS!! We were not pleased, but made it to Altoona at 1:30 in the morning, slept through the night, then got into the car to arrive in Oxford by 5pm.

Can I just tell you how awesome the people are here? My boss showed up with some other RDs to help us unload everything from the car, in the rain. They’ve offered to unload the truck when it finally gets here tomorrow! (Which they don’t need to do, since we are paying an exorbitant amount for people to do that)

I’m taking my first Spin class here on Friday…I am ready to get back on a bike and start to take care of myself better. I have been eating my feelings the past 3 weeks and it has not done good things for me. So time to take Resolution #1 to heart, and start to focus on health again. I’m excited to find out if I can teach here and really explore all the cool things the rec center has to offer.

See you soon!