First, a recap of the Birthday!

My sister woke me up with a birthday call and then my parents made their traditional singing phone call when I got out of the shower. I am always super emotional on my birthday and this one wasn’t any better so I was teary-eyed most of the morning thinking that this day was going to be boring and have no surprises in it. Well, I was wrong…very, very wrong.

My parents sent me beautiful flowers midway through the day:
My co-workers all came together and we ate some delicious s’mores brownie bar thing that Edna made. And then I was off to the train station. Matt told me two weeks ago that he needed me to pick up some fish from the train station. The minute he told me, I thought “This is some sort of plot for me to pick up Sarah.” But he kept insisting, that Sarah couldn’t come up and that it was really fish. He even showed me a picture of the guy I would be picking up the fish from. So I’m at the train station, on the platform, frantically searching the passengers for this guy. He didn’t appear to be getting off on the upper platform so I start walking down the ramp to the street level… I was very freaked out that the train was going to leave before I got these fish and Matt was going to be mad at me. And then I see Sarah walking towards me and I start to bawl. He had me truly convinced she wasn’t coming and that I was there to get fish! Sarah was impressed I fell for the ruse completely.

We head for the house and sit around and chat until our reservation at Bravo Bravo at 6:30. We go to Mystic, order our drinks, order our appetizer, etc. Time for presents. Matt and I had decided to get a second Kindle for my birthday, which we had ordered so it would arrive on my birthday. Except Amazon told us it would get here a week after my birthday. So Matt in his panic to have a present to hand me on the big day, had is co-worker make me this adorable collage of pictures of us and friends and family together with the lyrics from our wedding song. I opened this at the restaurant and started to tear up…I love it when he does sentimental things like this!

So then Sarah handed me hers. It was wrapped with blue tissue paper and as I unwrapped it, saw it was a canvas bag with something else in it. The canvas bag was embroidered with a quote from one of our favorite books, Anne of Green Gables and a pineapple, the unofficial symbol of our friendship. Inside were 5 different presents with numbers on them. She told me I had to open them in order, so took them away from me so she could hand them to me.  Number 1 was a green plastic crown. Number 2 was Turkish Delight, which immediately reminded me of The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. Number 3 was a Harry Potter postcard. At this point, I could see there was English theme going on, but didn’t know where she was going with it. Number 4 was Sherlock loose leaf tea. Definitely British. Before Sarah hands me the last gift she goes “Don’t make a scene in the restaurant.” The last gift is a travel guide to London. And I am looking at it and looking at her and trying to put together what is really happening and she says “This means we’re going on a 5 day trip to London.” And I lose it…lots of crying and oh my Gods and hugging happened. I truly blessed with an amazing best friend. I’m not quite sure how I was able to eat after that, but we did, then headed back to the house to meet Josh and open a bottle of wine. We ended up sitting around for another four hours just talking and laughing and teasing each other. It was the perfect end to the night and my day full of surprises. Here are all of the London trip clues laid out:

Which leads me to the list. I have completed 19/30. I believe that I can finish most of them by December and I plan to try. Some will be simpler than others, but I’m really motivated to finish them. As always, I appreciate the help and support of my friends and family and couldn’t have asked for a better 30th birthday!