I will be 30 in 29 days so I figured it was time to see where I was on my list.

1. Lose 30 pounds. (Warning: I’m going to rant…if you don’t want to read, go to #2.) Well, apparently I suck at this…I have in fact gained weight since this time last year. I have struggled and struggled and said I’m going to make changes and do the work and I just haven’t done it. I don’t know why, I don’t know where that motivation is that I need. I am working on being healthy, but I am just out of shape and it is killing me.

2. Bake a souffle that does not collapse. DONE

3. Run five 5ks. Sadly, only one of these was run. Walked multiple ones, but not running. I knew this was a possibility with the surgery, but I’m sad I didn’t get to run official races.

4. Travel outside the United States. Another one I wish I could say I have a plan for, but I never even renewed my passport. Money got away from me on this one…I wanted to be prepared to move so I didn’t touch the savings that could have sent us to Canada.

5. Spend an entire day hiking (not just a 3 mile out and back). And when the heat abates, I will do just that! There are a bunch of trails in the area, so I am just going to pick one and go.

6. Try sushi. DONE

7. Play 9 holes of golf. DONE

8. Build a piece of furniture. DONE

9. Apply for a job outside of my “safe” states. DONE Not only did I apply to a job in Tennessee, I actually flew there for an interview…don’t ever let your geographic boundaries get in the way of your dream.

10. Finish a short story. In progress and will be finished before August.

11. Volunteer at WCSECT. DONE Between attending events and collecting clothes and Spring Give ‘n Go, this has been one of my more fulfilling things on my list.

12. Make dinner for an entire week without Matt helping. DONE I still need to write a blog post about this, but it has been accomplished! And I even used our charcoal grill all by myself!

13. Finish the Game of Thrones series. In progress and will be done by August.

14. Incorporate lap swimming into my workout routine. I can tell you why this one hasn’t been accomplished. I’m a coward about going to the pool by myself and I don’t want to redo my hair and make up in the middle of the day. I’m not going to give up though….swimming is good for me!

15. Write in the blog at least once a week. Eh, this was sad and I could have done a hell of a lot better, but I refuse to post anything that isn’t at least somewhat substantial.

16. Personally fundraise $100 for V-Day 2012. DONE

17. Learn to drive stick shift. Could still happen!

18. Take a yoga class. Could also still happen!

19. Explore Boston. DONE

20. Bake homemade bread once a month-with yeast, no quick breads. Yep…between pizza dough, pita bread, regular bread…it has all happened. And will probably continue…we bought a new bread baking book that looks a hell a lot more complicated.

21. Go one month without eating out. Yeah….this might be 3 weeks as opposed to a whole month thanks to the heat and the wedding and my procrastination. Matt is not as excited about this one.

22. Plan a surprise date for Matt. In progress. 🙂

23. Go vegetarian for a week. In the next few weeks…

24. Scan and digitize all the print photos we have. Currently scanning as I type…this Kodak scanner is the bomb and is making it super simple. I can’t wait to have everything organized.

25. Go kayaking. DONE

26. Visit a new state. DONE New Hampshire and Tennessee this year so doubly done.

27. Sew a gift for someone. Need to figure out what this is going to be and who it is going to!

28. Learn to knit. Going to buy needles at some point this week.

29. Participate in the 365 Day photo project. I need to update the album.

30. Finalize the baby timeline. DONE. That’s all you need to know. 🙂

12 out of 30 isn’t too shabby and there is 29 days left!