I was really unsure about this particular goal. I knew it was going to cost money and I didn’t know where it was going to happen. Ocean? River? Lesson? Rental and just go for it? A lot of questions that I wasn’t looking to answer.

Eastern Mountain Sports to the rescue. Each summer, they do a demo day where they bring kayaks, bikes, running shoes, camping gear, etc. out to Bluff Point State Park and let people play for free. My plan was really to surprise Matt for his date and take him out on this day to go kayaking. Two birds, one stone. Unfortunately, he had to work this weekend since he was off last weekend and drove with us out to Pittsburgh, so I was on my own.

I got up with Matt when he got ready for work and put on my running skirt, a t-shirt and water sandals and went to brunch in Harris. I figured if I chickened out on kayaking, I could go for a hike so I needed my energy. Bluff Point was busy when I arrived, but I was determined to do this. I signed my waiver, got my life vest (definitely something to invest in if I continue to do this) and someone set me up with a kayak. I pushed off and it was…easy. Natural. I spent about 15 minutes on the water and saw that the line for life vests was getting long, so I went back in to give someone else a try.

My other goal for the day was to explore a new trail at Bluff Point so I head off in a direction away from the bluff. I ended up running through the tight trails because I have an unholy fear of ticks and the trial landed me right at the picnic area again, so I walked to the bluff anyway. I put in 3.76 miles and then changed shoes and headed right back to the water. I tried two more kayaks, learned more about paddling (uh, got stuck on the rocks with a long kayak) and definitely got wet from paddling.

I left around 2:30 and spent the rest of the afternoon with a goofy, happy grin on my face while I shopped for things for the Women’s Center.

I am currently in the middle of #12. Make Dinner for a whole week without Matt helping and I used our charcoal grill tonight without his help. This one has been a fun challenge and I’ll get more into in a later blog post, but with only one night left, I will be happy to let him back into the kitchen, but I am definitely feeling more confident in my cooking abilities.

I am definitely going to look into doing more kayaking…I still have a rental gift certificate somewhere that I should use before we move!