Matt has this growing irritation with me. I never liked red wine until Tyler introduced to some good reds. Black beans? Yucky until I tried them Panera’s Tortilla Chicken Soup with my sister. Green beans were changed for me by my mother-in-law. He still hasn’t brought me over to black beans and rice (although quinoa and beans…yum!) and he’s never going to get me to eat red sauce with pasta, but he’s got himself convinced that his opinion doesn’t count when he gets me to try something new.

Luckily, he doesn’t much care for sushi. Darcie, on the other hand, was super excited for this one and dubbed herself the helper. We finally nailed down a lunch date and brought along one of our favorite students for her birthday. Two birds, one stone. 🙂 We headed to Kawa in Groton, an Asian Fusion restaurant that had really good sushi specials.

I have to admit I was pretty damn nervous. Like, stomach in knots, can I actually do this? kind of nervous. It was food. It wasn’t going to kill me. But raw fish? It went against every bone in my body. I don’t know why….I eat my steak medium rare and don’t mind my pork on the pink side. But raw fish just sounded different.

After some googling and explanation from Darcie and Meghan, I decided on a tuna roll, spicy yellowtail roll and shrimp tempura roll. It came with Miso soup that I sipped slowly as Darcie read us her Harry Potter blog post. I totally think we grossed out the couple at the table the next stop over since it involved vomit, but it did relax me enough that I was laughing by the time the food arrived.

While Meghan and Darcie set up their soy sauce and wasabi I stared at my plate trying to figure out what to do next. Finally, the big moment came:

Turns out, I like sushi! Even sashimi!

Also, I make some pretty epic thinking faces while trying new things:

Needless to say, it was a damn good experience and I will definitely be trying sushi again. Big thank you to Darcie and Meghan for being supportive and taking me out for an awesome meal!