Oh Pennsylvania…specifically, oh Pittbsurgh! There was a very intense list of people we were going to see during our trip to PA, from all facets of our lives, so it was going to be great trip.

3/15/12-Day 1

We both spent the day at work and I went to my first PT appointment at 5pm. We both got home at the same time, stopped into Iliano’s for pizza and then finally got on the round for PA. I was impressed with my packing skills. I packed for 10 days for both of us into one large suitcase and one carryall tote for books, camera, computer. It was kind of amazing how clean the car looked. We didn’t get to my parents until almost 11pm so after a quick hello to my mom, we headed straight to bed.

3/16/12-Day 2

Friday dawned bright and early and we headed into Honesdale to deposit checks and then say hello to my Dad before we headed on our route across the state. The original plan had been to just go to Altoona, but Jay had wanted us to there for the St. Patrick’s Day parade, so we were going the whole way to Pittsburgh. This was not without a pitstop in Altoona, because we forgot the airbed and needed someplace to sleep that night! We picked up Rick and Diane’s airbed and sheets and pillows, then headed down 22 right to Mad Mex to meet up with Jay. This involved a delicious margarita and trying another dark beer.

Flying Dog Coffee Porter was delicious. After dinner we headed back to Jay’s house for more beer, whiskey and cigars:

Keith and Michelle showed up at 11 or so and we all grabbed some floor for the night since we needed to be on the train by 8am the next day to get a spot for the parade!

3/17/12-Day 3 and St. Patrick’s Day!

6am came way too early. But we did manage to swallow some copy, get on some green clothing and pile into the car for a ride to the train station to head into Pittsburgh. We all went through the line at Brueggers and got bagels when we got there so we could use the facilities, then headed to our spot. It was a beautiful day and was getting warmer and warmer as parade time neared. The parade was awesome and included a visit from VP of the USA, Joe Biden:

Irish Step Dancers…they had the most interesting costumes.






The firefighters were using a t-shirt launcher to throw beads to the crowd. They were very into it since there was a parking deck full of drunk people behind us.



This was Miss Smiling Eyes…she’s got a pretty fantastic carriage.




Gorgeous day for a parade!





And this is my super cute outfit…although it ended up being too warm by the end of the parade! About 3/4 of the way through watching, we got hungry and stopped into the pizza shop on the corner to grab a slice and use the restroom. We parted ways with Jay, Keith and Michelle there since we had some miscommunication about where we were going next since I had friends waiting for me on the Southside and they were heading to the Northside. After a lot of walking, we made it over to Jack’s on Carson Street to see Ashley and Val! I worked with both of them at W&J and MISS THEM SO MUCH! I always try and take time to see them when we head to that side of the state.

Jack’s was ridiculously hot, so when Matt went off to the Cat Grill to grab something to eat and Ash went back to her apartment quickly, Val and I decided to head down the street to meet him. By 4pm, we were all tired, sore and ready to head home, so Ash drove us back to the train station and we made it back to the car.

That night we headed to Marci and Jim’s to hang out and relax. Marci and I went to middle school together and when I moved to Washington, we figured out we were 15 minutes away from each other and met up again. They are also on our list of people to see when we go to Pittsburgh! They have a little boy, Eliot, who is 19 months and an adorable little stinker. He’s the baby I’m carrying around in my wedding photos. It was so nice to just hang out in their domestic bliss for the evening.

Tomorrow, Part 2 of PA Vacation!