We have lived in Connecticut for almost 3 years and I have been to Boston a grand total of two times. Once for ACPA (where I did not spend too much time outside the hotel) and the second time when Matt picked me up from the airport in the middle of the night. So when Sarah said we should come up to visit when she and the rest of the Meyers debate team were in the area for the Harvard tournament.

We headed up on Saturday morning and made it to the hotel 5 minutes after Sarah left for lunch, so we joined her, Joe, Lauren, Liana and some of the kids at Borders Cafe for some yummy Mexican food. Sarah needed to stick around Cambridge, so we decided to head into Boston on the T to do some exploring!

We came out at Boston Commons, ran across the street to the Burger King to pay $2 for the right to use the bathroom, then went to find a map and ran right into a Freedom Trail historical tour. We decided to follow Samuel Prescott around:

We saw things like Paul Revere’s grave:

And King’s Church, Old Meeting House, and Faneuil Hall:

Which is where our tour ended. From there we headed into Quincy Market, then went down to the harbor. At that point, my foot was starting to bother me, so we decided to find the place for dinner Sarah had suggested, Union Oyster House. Matt was excited about the possibility of sitting at the raw bar where they basically shucked oysters and hand them to you, but unfortunately, it was full, as was the other bar. I wasn’t in the mood to sit at a table or wait for a seat to open at the bar, so we went across the lane to Bell in Hand which is supposedly one of the oldest taverns in America (this was a common theme in many taverns) and had a drink. We went back across the lane to have dinner at the Green Dragon where Matt finally got to eat his oysters.

After dinner we headed back to Quincy Market so I could buy myself a sweatshirt (3/4 sleeves do not work well under my current Columbia jacket) and headed off to Mike’s Pastry for canollis! We stood in line, but they had a fast moving system, so we were out quickly with a box in hand:

After this we took a rather long walk back to the T station aka, we got lost and couldn’t find it and then collapsed back at the hotel.

The next day we walked around Harvard Yard, wandered around Harvard Square, tried on delightful hats (that I sadly have no photos of) and had delicious burgers before heading back to the hotel to make bracelets, read and wait for results to return. We finished off our stay in Cambridge with dinner at Grafton Street Pub where I had some delicious cava and decadent mac n cheese before making the trip back to New Lo.

We definitely missed some pieces of the city, but I enjoyed my afternoon of exploring Boston and I’m looking forward to doing more!