Number 8 on my list was build a piece of furniture. Matt and I had gone back and forth about what we could make with the limited resources we had. The extent of our cutting tools were a hatchet and a tiny saw, so we needed to think outside of the box. Matt found a link to a tutorial for a rolling kitchen cart from It seemed fairly simple, but also gave us some room for creativity.

The first step was to find a filing cabinet. We headed out to Goodwill and Salvation Army and came up to empty. We were on our way back from something and happened to pass the Habitat for Humanity REstore about 15 minutes before they closed. We ran in, and found a two drawer, light blue filing cabinet for $11.

The next step was finding butcher block for the top. This was not as easy as I thought it was going to be. I thought we could just go to the hardware store and find something. Butcher block does not come easily or cheap. I was flipping through Pinterest and saw a woman’s blog post about doing her own butcher block counters that she bought at IKEA. Heather and I were planning a baking date so I knew I was going to be near New Haven soon, so before I headed up to Quinnipiac, I stopped into IKEA and found an unfinished cutting board. It was the perfect size.

From there it was just buying wheels and spray paint and then letting it sit behind the couch until I could actually put it all together.

Which is what winter break is for. I started on Tuesday with spraypainting:

I used a can and a half of spray paint to cover the entire thing. Probably breathed in too much as well…I did not feel well after finishing.

The next day I started treat the cutting board. I bought this from Home Depot:

It darkened the wood and since we’re using it as a dish drainer as well, I made sure there was wax in it to repel water. It looks beautiful:

After that, Matt came up with the idea of drilling magnets into the back of the board so we could remove it if need be:

From there we drilled holes into the metal lip on the bottom of the filing cabinet:

And then added two 18′ 2x4s to the bottom:

And finally screwed the wheels in:

And then we were done! We’re storing our tupperware in the top drawer and the bottom drawer holds all the supplies for the mixer. It will be wonderful to have a place to put the Kitchenaid on this cart and have it actually be in the kitchen, instead of putting a cutting board over my stove burners.

And our piece of furniture is built!