Official WW weigh-in Monday was 166.8 and it stuck around today.

I also failed to eat breakfast yesterday morning so I didn’t make it to the gym during lunch, which is my normal plan. I was a little panicked, knowing that I have a tendency to let my house suck me in when I go home. And I hate the gym at 5pm AND Matt wanted to eat late so I knew going later was out of the question.

I had a chiropractor appt at 4:15 and left feeling encouraged, so I went home, changed into workout clothes and got down on the floor to do some strength training. Nothing too crazy…shoulder presses, curls, crunches, planks and pushups on my knees. I am hoping that I will be feeling strong enough to go back to NROLFW in January. My arms are sore today, so I must have been doing something right.

I’m going out to dinner at a restaurant for the first time since focusing on this weight loss and I’m a little terrified. Tortilla chips on the table in a Mexican restaurant? Yeah, they’re my downfall. I have plenty of points left for the day and all my weekly points so if I indulge a little tonight, that’s fine….I just need to focus on getting something relatively healthy and making sure I’m paying attention to what goes in my mouth.

I really need an evening to go home and clean and do laundry so i can actually decorate for Christmas this weekend! Let the cookie baking commence!