Not bad for indulging a little bit last night.



The new Weight Watchers update went into effect at the end of the week, which lowered my daily points value, which makes me look like I went over my points all week, which I did not!

My goals from last week:

1. Track every bite that goes into my mouth on WW. I give myself a 95% on this one. I didn’t really pay attention to what I ate last night at Festivus, but I did attempt it.

2. Exercise at least 3 times. 100%-35 minutes of the stationary bike Mon, Wed and Fri. This was the easy one for me.

3. Save my weekly points for Festivus. And I did…my indulgence on Saturday night was planned even if I didn’t track it very well. I can definitely tell you I had two frosted sugar cookies. They were delicious and disgustingly sweet at the same time.

4. Weigh every day. And write it down. Boom. 100% on this one too.

Week 2 Goals:

1. Track it/weight it…this will be a consistent goal.

2. Exercise 3 times this week. One of these times should be strength training.

3. Drink all my water every day. 48oz at a minimum, more if possible.

4. Don’t go too crazy “testing” cookies as I bake them next weekend.

In other news, I was all sorts of crafty yesterday. I made a bunch of cute accessories for my sister and sister-in-law for Christmas and I bought supplies to make some other crafty things during the evening…I will post pictures after I give them away!

This week will be long, but good….2 weeks until the students leave and we head to PA for a few days for Christmas.