That title up there was a little scary to write.

Yep, that’s my weight…the highest it has ever been…which is even more scary than writing that title.

Lose 30 pounds is on the list…and it is about time I buckled down and got started. Instead of giving myself this big and ultimate goal, I’m breaking it down into smaller stuff.

This week’s goals:

1. Track every bite that goes into my mouth on Weight Watchers.

2. Exercise at least 3 times.

3. Save my weekly points so that I can have a cookie at Festivus and not feel guilty!

4. Weigh daily and write it down.

Day 1 is done. I ate within my points, did 6 miles on the stationary bike and haven’t dipped into my weekly points yet! And well, using my weigh-in number as a blog post title is definitely writing it down.