The past three days have been pretty epic. Food-wise, family-wise, etc.

I left work at 11:30 on Wednesday because our brand new camera was sitting outside the apartment door and I couldn’t bear to wait 30 more minutes to go and get it. We got a Nikon P7000 for a ridiculously great price on Amazon on Monday night and paid the extra $4 in shipping to get it before Wednesday. My playtime with it was short-lived, since I needed to get to the store to pick up some last minute items and get back to start cooking. Between 1pm and 5:30pm, I made: Lightened Up Sweet Potato Casserole; trimmed, washed and blanched green beans; made Buffalo Chicken Dip in my mini crockpot; made a trip over to the house to bring a bunch of stuff over, then made this Baked Pumpkin Pasta, with some modified garlic crescent rolls for dinner because my in-laws had arrived! They had a long trip up, so we ate dinner, played with the camera and watched some tv before Matt brought them over to the house to get them settled in.

Thursday broke as a beautiful, sunny day. We got up bright and early so I could make the dough for the Cloverleaf rolls and bring over the last of the stuff we needed to take to the house. We got the turkey in by 9:30 (which Diane had very kindly prepped and stuffed for me before we got there):

Rick also very kindly put it into the stove cause that sucker was heavy.

My parents and Evan arrived around 10am and my mom started setting up appetizers and I had Evan help me set the table. He put his napkin folding skills to good use:

We hit a lull at that point and the men went for a walk while the ladies stayed back to watch a movie and chat. Matt took them down to the Arbo, saw the chapel and the new construction before they looped back around. It was my Dad and Evan’s first time on campus, so I’m glad they got a chance to walk around.

Once they got back, kitchen stuff started to heat up. Rolls were rolled, potatoes were started in the pressure cooker, sweet potatoes and stuffing were brought over to our apartment to heat up and the temperature on the turkey slowly rose. Turkey came out at 1:30:

Rolls went in:

Mashed potatoes were made:

Frida arrived with Diego, Lauren and Oscar and it was time to eat! Our feast on the table:

To be honest, I sat down to say grace and just about cried, I was so happy and relieved everything was on the table and was hot and looked good.

Needless to say, I sat on my butt while dishes were cleared (even Diego helped by gathering up silverware-it was pretty adorable) and then we retired to the living room and watched the Shrek Christmas special. We eventually got to pie:

Pecan, Apple and Pumpkin

We spent the rest of the evening playing games and just having fun. Diane and my dad taught Evan, Matt and I how to play rummy (which I will gladly play again) and we just had a really good night.

Matt had to work on Black Friday, so he went off to work in the morning and I got up to have breakfast at the house with our parents and Evan. We ate breakfast and then started loading cars. I figured that I had Evan there, I might as well use his muscles to get stuff out to the car! After my parents left, Rick and Diane decided to go see Old Saybrook Country Barn and maybe do some shopping. We came back, had some turkey sandwiches, and then they headed out for a walk while I kept my foot up for awhile. Doing homemade pizza the Friday night after Thanksgiving is a tradition in Matt’s family, so had some pizza, and then played a couple of rounds of Scattegories before they headed back to the house.

We spent a lot of time lazing about Saturday after Rick and Diane left…it has been an exhausting few days and we needed to just not do anything for awhile!

Who knows if we will be in the same place next year, but if we are, this will totally be worth it to do again.