Thanksgiving Thankfulness

1. My husband…this past year has been incredibly emotional with wedding, funerals and job changes and he has been so supportive throughout. He is my rock and I am so lucky to have him.

2. My family…we may fight and bicker and drive each other crazy, but the bottom line is that we love each other and will defend each other to the death if someone has been wronged. My protective instinct comes from them.

3. My students…they are the reason we do the work we do and I am so grateful for the laughs and challenges they have given me. They are the reason I come back to work every day.

4. Friends…those both near and far. I wish we saw you all more often so I could say thank you in person!

5. My chiropractor….seriously, she’s the best. Incredibly encouraging, but a realist and has helped to heal my back so well.

6. Pinterest-so many ideas, so little time.

7. Our fireplace

8. Good health insurance….keeps us healthy and keeps us sane

9. Good food and the ability to create it and eat it

10. Amazing in-laws who treat me like I’m one of their own

11. Facebook-for keeping up with people both near and far

12. Reading…I’ve read so many good books this year and still have more to finish

13. The NY Times Crossword…I’ve become a little obsessed

14. An ever improving beer palette…I know my husband appreciates this as well

15. Our new camera!

16. Exercise…I am so excited to get on a stationary bike this week and just ride for miles…I miss the sweat and the endorphins.

17. My co-workers. ‘nough said.

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and you are looking forward to a happy and healthy holiday season!