I heal quickly. Always have. So I expected that once I got the boot for my foot, I would be back to normal, just with a large thing on my foot. Yeah, not so much.

I went for a post-op appointment on Monday. The doctor said everything is healing nicely and changed my bandage and gave me a walking cast (otherwise known as the boot) and said I could lose the crutches once I got more balanced. I used one crutch on Monday and Tuesday and decided to go sans crutch today. Turns out walking is TIRING when you’re wearing a boot. It’s also about 3 inches high, so I’m pretty off balance. I did quite a bit of walking today and by 2:30 today, my foot was screaming. I’m obviously not bringing narcotics to work, so I didn’t have any pain meds with me. Sitting through ADRB today was a little painful. (Sorry CC!)

The stitches come out next Tuesday which means I can finally take a shower like a normal person and maybe even shave my legs! I’m a little hairy. I recognize that I need to just keep my butt on the couch and let myself heal, but I’m impatient. I said on twitter tonight that my independence and stubbornness were doing me more harm than good.

I got a lot of planning done for Thanksgiving tonight. There is a very long grocery list, recipe and schedule, but I think it will all come together for a fantastic meal and day for both sets of parents and our friends. I promise I’ll post pictures and recipes!