…to be confined to my couch for 4 days. Frustrating beyond belief. But I’ll get there.

Matt and I decided to take my last weekend of mobility and drove up to Hudson Falls to see Kev, Kels and Rayleigh. We drove up on Friday night and met them at the house of Kevin’s colleagues. Intense conversations about movies ensued before Kels and I dragged the boys off to drive home and go to sleep. Saturday was a trip to the market, where we decided on a whim to make Bunn Italian Wedding Soup which was going to be a perfect accompinant to the bread I had set out to rise that morning.

Sidenote: This 30 before 30 task has been super easy so far. August was a No-Knead loaf, September was bubble bread and October was this whole wheat loaf I made there.

After stuffing ourselves with bread and soup, we headed out to a hockey game in the next town over.

Hershey Bears vs. Adirondack Phantoms. The Bears got whipped, but we saw two fights and had a good time. Sunday was quiet and we headed home in the afternoon after a delicious lunch.

Monday and Tuesday were a whirl of meetings before my mom arrived on Tuesday evening. We took her to AZU in Mystic for Restaurant Week which was great, then set her up on the air mattress in the living room.

Wednesday was surgery day! We had to be at the hospital by 10:30, but of course, we were early. Luckily, I was all pre-registered, so I was back and in my bed by 10am or so. My mom was able to stay with me the whole time and I was really glad she was there when they had trouble getting my IV in. I hate, hate, hate IVs….I have tiny little veins in my hands and while they have no trouble getting my blood out of them, IVs are a different story. I did my best not to freak out (unlike last time) and they finally got it in.

From there I read my RSS feed on my phone and checked email and facebook until they came to give me the first of the sedation drugs. My mother took my phone from me then and shortly after that they wheeled me back to the operating room and got me onto the table. After my horror with the sedation at the oral surgeon I was really worried I was going to be aware, but they knocked me out completely. And they timed it perfectly so that I woke up as they were wrapping the ace bandage. I went back to recovery and was actually pretty lucid and was able to ask the doctor questions. I have pictures of the screw in my foot, which is interesting.

This is what I came home with…first layer is gauze and tape, then an ace bandage, then a surgical shoe. I’m on modified weight bearing, which means I need to be using the crutches the majority of the time, but if i put my foot down while I’m brushing my teeth, I’m not going rip open my stitches.

I’ve spent the past 3 days on the couch, watching movies and tv, playing on the internet and reading Out of Oz. I feel bad asking my mom and Matt to bring me stuff and do things for me, but I guess it is worth it if this thing will heal quickly. I’m by myself for the afternoon tomorrow because Matt is working, so I will need to make sure I have plenty of things within reach before he leaves!

Monday we will go and get fitted with the walking cast, which should mean no more crutches! Thank God, I forgot how much these suckers hurt.

Yep, they still have Dickinson ribbon on them.