• I’m really interested in the conversation happening here. It’s a conversation about student affairs professionals and professional dress. I think my style has grown more casual as I’ve moved through the institutions I have been in. Part of that is my comfort level, where my office is, how often I am out and about and walking, etc. The culture of the institution and your office in particular makes a difference too.
  • I met with the new Sustainability Coordinator today to talk about Spring Give ‘n Go. I told him I created the idea based off of Dickinson’s U-Turn and he said “Oooooh, you’re from the holy land!” Bonus: I got to share this story with the Dickinson Phoneathon student who called me tonight.
  • I took my crutches out of the closet last night. Either I let someone borrow them or I really thought I needed to have them on the 5’8″ the last time I used them. They are back down to 5’4″ and much easier to use. Hopefully I won’t have to use them for very long anyway.
  • I already have 3 lists going for Thanksgiving. It’s going to be awesome to have both sets of parents here, but it is still going to make me a little nervous!
  • I need to make bread this week!