Sorry for the long wait on this post…it has been a busy week!

Last Saturday was the Mystic Aquarium Run/Walk for the Penguins. I did this race last year and really enjoyed myself. It’s an interesting course with road and trail components and you get to go to the aquarium for free afterwards! I knew I was going to do it again this year and my friend D decided this would be the race she would run to knock the “Run a 5K” item off her 30 before 30 list.

We had been registered since August and I had been doing some slow training runs and NROLFW to prepare. I was really excited the Tuesday before to go to Zumba and get my dance on. It was a great workout, but resulted in another torn SI joint. I had really hoped it was just soreness from bopping my hips in a new way and did heat and rest for the rest of the week in hopes that it would not be as bad for Saturday.

Saturday dawned bright and sunny. I like to get up early and get to the registration table before it gets too busy. I picked up my packet, pinned on my number and spent the next hour or so staying warm in the car and playing Words with Friends while I waited for Darcie and Kate to arrive. Two of our Floor Governors spotted me before the race who were also going to be racing, so we chatted about the course. It was their first 5K race as well! For as slow as I run, I felt like an old pro. 🙂 I made sure I found out Darcie and Kate’s bib numbers so they could jump right in line for packets and then we lined up to get ready to go.

That bit of shadow on Kate’s back…oh yeah, that was a giant stuffed penguin. She carried him in her infant carrier the whole way. It was awesome.

The race started and we were off on a steady pace. Like last year, we ended up having to walk through the first part of the trail thanks to the muddy and slimy foot bridge, but it was a welcome break after .75 miles! Made it through the trail and saw the 1 mile marker up ahead. For some reason, I had convinced myself that the path through the neighborhood was relatively flat until the big ass hill on the turn around. I was wrong. It was at this point that my hip started to get unhappy. I grabbed some water, walked a little more, ran a little more, walked some more. Kate and Darcie eventually pulled ahead and I caught up with them after a steady run of a .5 mile when we got back to the asphalt. They started running again and pulled away and I kept walking, trying to reserve my last bit of strength for the finish line. Took the last .25 mile at a steady run and was greeted by my awesome students cheering me in. I still have no idea what my official time was but it was something around 43 minutes. Worst time for a 5K I have ever run, but the point was that I finished it.

We spent the rest of the morning walking around Old Mystic Village where we had glorious grilled cheese from The Bleu Squid and I bought an awesome present for Lydia and Nolan. Then we explored the aquarium (still doesn’t get old for me) and then I finally headed home. I was exhausted and in a ridiculous amount of pain. Like, aching groin muscles, tight calves, rock hard shoulders. It was bad.

I went to the chiro Wednesday and she took me off running and Zumba again until the hip heals. Good thing I’ll be fully restricted next week thanks to surgery.

Regardless of the pain, I did start to be able to cross “Run 5 5Ks” off my list. Hopefully I will be more fully healed in the spring when I start to train again!