So I managed to knock two things off my list this week.

9. Apply for a job outside of my “safe” states.

I did this by applying to a Women’s Center position at a small, liberal arts college in Ohio. While it is certainly not across the country and actually borders PA, it is still a state I have never applied to before. AND, outside of my Res Life comfort zone bubble. It’s not a guarantee that they’ll even consider my resume; but it is so worth it to at least get my name out there.

2. Bake a souffle that does not collapse.

It was a mini souffle. 4, in fact. Spinach and Parmesan souffles from Cooking Light. Eggs were whipped, spinach was cooked, parmesan was shredded and off they went to the oven. Of course, my oven sucks so they needed even more time, but they still didn’t collapse! I think that while I’ve accomplished this one, I may go for something bigger. In my parent’s oven. That has an oven light and a window.

Coming up: Knocking off the first of five 5Ks!