So last I left you, Matt and I were headed to Honesdale to attend the White Mills Volunteer Fire Company 100 Year Anniversary Weekend. We got there on Friday night as the happy hour was going on. Saw people I hadn’t seen in awhile, enjoyed the company and headed back to the house to relax for awhile knowing that the next day was going to be long.

We got up fairly early on Saturday because the truck show started at 10 and I had laundry to do. My parents were both gone already to set up at the hall and I discovered Evan still sleeping on the couch in the basement, so I got him up about 10 minutes before Dad called to tell him he was coming to get him. Megan wanted to get lunch at the Boathouse, so after dropping Ev and his gear off at the truck show, we headed out to the lake. Normally I love the Boathouse, but I was actually disappointed in my food this time. Meg had ordered crab dip and it was good, but my soup and calamari were just not as good as I remember. Maybe I’ve been spoiled by New England seafood. Anyway, we then went to the truck show to see Dad and Evan and I could actually start documenting the day. That took 3 sets of dead batteries and a trip to Kmart to actually start.

Matt and I then went to get my grandmother so we could take her to meet the trolley for the parade. That was a bit of fiasco since we were there on time and then everyone else started showing up late. But I got her on that trolley and took off down Route 6 to the hall so we could set up for the parade.

Right at 4pm, the siren goes off and everyone around us starts to panic thinking there’s been a call. Apparently the comm center thought it would be funny to blow the siren at the start of the parade when almost every firetruck for the area was lined up on Route 6 with marching bands squished in between.

My parents got to ride in a convertible with the bigwigs in the front of the parade:

Evan also marched:

And grandma waved from her trolley:

The parade involved lots of trucks, 3 marching bands and only 2 or 3 floats. At that point people started to drift inside for drinks and food. We had some sandwiches and bought pint glasses to enjoy our beer in:

There was a DJ and a band and by about 10pm, I was feeling pretty tired. My mom wasn’t feeling well either so the 3 of us went home. I ended up having an allergy attack when we got home, which was also not pleasant and headed to bed.

I woke up on Sunday and thought I was hungover….I went back to bed after having some eggs for breakfast and ending up spending the next hours trying to keep fluids down. By about 7pm I was in so much pain and so dehydrated that we ended up going to the hospital so they could give me IV fluids. They think it was just a virus and started to feel better once we got home and I could take some ibuprofen and put heat on my back as well. Needless to say, I did not make it back to work on Monday.

I am sad to say that I have fallen behind on my 365 Day photo project. I will have to post the days I have in the album, but unfortunately, I will be missing a few days.

A future post will be all about my experience with New Rules of Lifting for Women…I’m really enjoying it!