When I created my 30 before 30 list, I intended to be able to complete everything with a fully functioning body. Turns out my body has different plans.

I’m having foot surgery on November 2nd.

I have a bunion, which seems like such an old lady problem, but is apparently very common in people my age. Mine is coming from a variety of factors: hereditary, pointy shoe wearing, running. My aunt and grandmother both have bunions, my father has bad feet, I love my pretty shoes and well, I’m a runner.

This isn’t my foot, but it’s pretty close to what my big toe looks like. Essentially, my big toe has moved off of the joints. My pointer toe is also cock-eyed (28 degree angle as opposed to 20) but that’s not something surgery can fix. I’ve probably always had a bump, but it has gotten worse in the past 6 months. I asked my chiropractor if she could adjust my foot last spring and she was the one who told me to wear my inserts and it would help. It got worse and worse over the summer so I took myself and my custom orthotics, over the counter inserts and running shoes to the podiatrist on Friday. He said that since the conservative approach wasn’t working, the next step was surgery.

It appears I only have elective surgery. Oral surgery last summer and foot surgery this fall. Well, I guess as elective as it gets…I could not have these surgeries and just suffer the consequences later in life. It makes more sense to me to have foot surgery now before I am have a little one to run after.

How does this change the 30 before 30 list? Well, I had planned to stretch out my 5Ks over the course of the year. I still have the Penguin Run on the 15th, which I will be taking slow and steady, but once I have the surgery, I will be out of running commission until at least January and that depends on how well I heal. Which only gives me about 6 months to retrain and complete the 4 other 5Ks. It’s not that it couldn’t happen, but I want to be prepared that this might not happen.

I didn’t get nervous about the surgery until I scheduled it today. I’ll be on crutches and surgical shoe for about a week, and then I’ll get a boot and can do some light walking. I’m not a big fan of not being in control of all my faculties. It’ll be sedation surgery again, but I imagine that since I won’t have large fingers tearing stuff out of my mouth, I will be less freaked out. I pretty much cried through my whole oral surgery because I knew everything that was going on and couldn’t relax.

My mom is also going to try and come up to help Matt and I the first few days so he doesn’t lose too much time at work and well, when you’re hurting, it’s nice to have your mother around.

We are heading to Honesdale this weekend for the White Mills Volunteer Fire Company 100 Year Anniversary party and parade. We’ll probably see lots of family friends that we haven’t seen since the wedding and eat lots of good stuff and drink some decent beer. It should prove to be fun! I will steal my parents’ camera and take lots of good pictures….I miss having a point and shoot. 😦

What type of camera do you have?