Hurricane Irene showed up around 2am and was basically just windy and rainy for a few hours. There were some pretty intense gusts and I’m really glad we moved all the plants inside because this happened:

There are normally about 4 large pots where that large branch is leaning against our house. Luckily, we kept power and that was the total extent of our damage. My co-workers were less lucky and ended up staying in their emergency housing assignments for a bit longer.

We came back to work on Monday and basically just went into recovery mode. Talked about how we were going to get students back into regular assignments, how we were going to continue training and what the new orientation was going to look like. It definitely kept us busy, plus we had plenty of students who couldn’t change their move-in plans and had to come in on the previously scheduled days.

Because of the Hurricane, Matt’s parent’s trip to Germany got canceled so they had a free week off and decided to come up for a few days. They arrived on Tuesday night and stayed with us until Thursday morning. I didn’t even get to say goodbye because I was up so early on Thursday! It was great to see them though!

We did Behind Closed Doors in Blaustein because we couldn’t guarantee the rooms we needed would be empty, so that was interesting. Lots of interesting looks from professors and taking over a bathroom on the 1st floor, much to the chagrin of some folks. The students did well. They were ready to prove themselves and get down to business.

Thursday was move-in day and it turned out to be a beautiful day and go incredibly smoothly. I was so proud of my staff and the hard work they did as well as all the hard work that our Pro Staff and our student leaders put in to welcome the new students to Conn. The Lip Dub was incredible….the amount of energy in Palmer auditorium was breathtaking.

This was our Student Life leaders rushing the stage at the end of the lip dub video. Of course, we pro staff joined on stage and while everyone else is on the edge, I’m rocking my butt off in the middle of the stage with the students. 100% extrovert=me.

Today was supposed to be catch up day and I still feel like I am behind. We have REF stuff to work on and I need to get the book club stuff for the WC rolling and so much more!! I’m hoping to get stuff done during my key shift on Sunday so I feel more prepared for the week!

Here’s to hoping for a good run tomorrow, some baking in the afternoon and an early night with no phone calls from Campus Safety!