We have been in training all week with the anticipation of a gray and cloudy opening today. The staff has been awesome, working really hard to get their buildings ready and learning about how everything will work. Thursday was supposed to be a a student leadership day and then we were filming the lipdub.

I spent the morning with the Women’s Center Student Coordinators. We set the programming calendar for September and set up responsibilities. It was a great morning and we headed over to Ernst for lunch and to start OSL Leadership Day. Marie explained how move-in was going to work for the student leaders and our staff and then our Dean of Students got up to explain that we were moving First Year Move-In back to next Thursday due to the Hurricane. There were lots of questions, lots of concerns and I started to feel the real flutters of anxiety. We released the students and we went back to the office and threw ourselves into Emergency Housing prep.

Our students are all set and we will head over to our emergency housing assignment when it gets bad, but for right now, we’re staying put. My anxiety has lightened slightly as the worst of the storm will probably come in while we are sleeping. I was so anxiety ridden this morning that my asthma started to kick in. I haven’t had an attack since I moved here, so that was a little frightening.

The storm is moving slowly and it’s just sprinkling outside. I’m expecting the rain to get intense overnight and that we’ll lose power at some point tomorrow. When that happens, we will probably head to the Plex because it will have a back up generator. And I like showering.

I don’t think I can add this to a resume, but hell, I think this is definitely a great experience to have under my belt! I need a t-shirt that says “I work in Res Life and I survived Hurricane Irene!”

In unrelated hurricane news, my friend Sean got married today! He and Laura started dating a few months before Matt and I and got engaged after us. I was upset that I wasn’t going to be able to go to the wedding because of opening. So I made sure I called him today and wished him luck and told him I wished that I was there and was making sure windows were closed in Burdick/Smith when Laura was walking down the aisle to him. And now I’m getting weepy about missing this wedding and this important step in my friend’s life. Stupid opening/stupid hurricane. To end….a picture of Sean and I from our wild post grad days (also, any picture of Sean and I alone involves him sticking his tongue out) and a picture of him and Laura from alumni weekend 2 years ago.

We love you both!