Friday: We were all up super early to get on the bus to University of Hartford for the NEACUHO CT Private College RA conference. The ride was uneventful until we actually got to Hartford and we took a wrong turn and went 10 miles out of our way. Good thing we were super early, because we arrived right at the beginning of registration. I saw Hez first and we chatted during registration, then I called up Michael to find out where he was. He walked in literally two minutes later and gave me a big hug. I took him out to finally meet Heather and he said that he was going to talk about us during his opening speech. I thought nothing of this, thinking he was going to mention that relationships can last, etc. We took a picture of the 3 of us and then we all went in for the beginning of the conference.

Yay for 3 generations of Res Life mentorship!

So we are sitting there in opening session and Shawn is introducing Michael and I turn to my students and say “This man was my boss when I was an RA.” So they all perk up to pay attention. Michael starts talking about an Indian god and then says that he wants to talk about relationships. And he asks Heather to stand up. He explains that he just met Heather today, but he has known of her for awhile because of the relationship she has with me. And then he asked me to stand up. So I do and I wave and he tells me to come up to the stage so I go stand by the stage and he insists I come onto the stage. So I do. And he introduces me to the entire room as one of his former RAs and says he’s going to tell 2 stories about me. First, that I am a mermaid. He tells everyone they need to ask me what that means. Then he tells the “Colleen is allergic to training” story and hands me a box of tissues. It was hilarious and slightly embarrassing, but I was totally okay with it. My students thought it was hilarious as well. I spent the entire day explaining that I was a Mermaid Player and trying not to sneeze.

The rest of the conference was good from my end. I went to Hez’s session, then presented twice in a row, then took a break during the last session. Both of the sessions I presented went well and I got good feedback from both UHart and Conn students about my social media session. We got back to campus, had some delicious Paul’s Pasta with the FGs and headed home. We were all pretty exhausted at that point.

Saturday: Teambuilders all morning! It went so smoothly and I think the students really enjoyed it as well! We debriefed the conference with the HFs (they really needed it!) and headed to lunch before an afternoon full of programming, then Area Meetings. I’m super excited for my staff this year….they are going to be awesome and do great things for South Campus. When I got home, Matt wanted to know if I wanted to go to the store to get canning stuff for his birthday present. So we went to Harris for dinner, then went to Target and Walmart before picking stuff up. We bought quart jars, pint jars and little jars, pectin, fruit fresh and a canning accessories kit. There was a lot.

Sunday: After a glorious sleep in, Matt and I got up and decided we were going to go pick peaches. Sarah had suggested Bishop’s Orchard in Guilford and they were doing Pick Your Own peaches and raspberries, so we head out there. We bought 46 pounds of peaches. Apparently, we picked fast. Seriously, I think we picked for 20 minutes, had 2 big full bags of peaches. I’d show you the pictures, but I’m pretty sure I left my camera in the peach orchard. Which sucks hardcore, since Matt’s is broken. iPhone pictures from now until we can afford a new one. Which is unlikely to be soon. Anyway, we ended up buying peaches, going to their store to buy corn and get cashback so we could go buy buckets of raspberries. We made out much better with raspberries…only 2 pounds this time. 🙂 We got home, made some corn and then went into some hardcore canning. We started with raspberry jam:

It was easy and delicious! We then decided to try our hand at garlic jam….this one did not go as well…it decided it didn’t want to gel. I think we finally got the amount of pectin right and it will gel at least a little bit.

There is also 46 pounds of peaches sitting on the dining room table slowly ripening so we can ridiculous amounts of peach jelly this week. Well, Matt will, because I have a very busy week ahead! Fair warning, this may be the last blog post until next Sunday. 3 straight days of training with REAL, a morning with my WC Student Coords, OSL Student Leadership training, BCD, a beach trip and then First Years arrive on Saturday. I’m glad I love my job.