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*You spend 3 days in retreats.

*Your to-do list consists of things like “convert recipes for Iron Chef Housefellow to bulk” and “create HF door decs”

*Your computer comes home with you every night.

*You are using so much Power Point that you begin to think in slides.

*You create different binders for different trainings.

*You’re at the print shop every day to pick up something new.

*Shopping trips that involve large amounts of candy are commonplace.

*Keeping up with email becomes almost impossible.

*Your family and friends wonder what happen to you for almost 3 weeks.

*A 12 hour workday is not uncommon, but flies by.

Housefellows arrive next Tuesday….I can’t promise consistent posts, but I will try! I’ll be tweeting about training on @ColleenCentral so you if you want to follow along on our training adventures, follow me there!

This is one of the craziest times of the year, but I love it!