…is my current obsession. http://www.pinterest.com Let me know if you want an invite. It is social networking with pretty pictures and recipes and quotes and craft ideas. I am loving it. Of course, my Future Babies pinboard is probably the fullest. Oh baby fever, will you ever go away?

This week has been slow. Dinner with co-workers, going to work, hanging out at home. It was a truly relaxing week. Next weekend we are heading out camp with Kevin and Kels for my birthday, which I am really excited about. Who knew that camping would be my vacation of choice?

I plan to have my 30 before 30 list in a post ready to go up on my birthday, even if I am in the middle of the woods with no internet access! Gotta love scheduled posting. I also need to make some decisions about what some of these things are going to be! I’ll give a short explanation for each so you know why it’s important.

I’m looking a slow weekend…maybe some hiking, maybe some grocery shopping and definitely some relaxing.