I was gardening at the age of 2. There’s a picture of me sitting on a wagon full of zucchini from my grandparent’s garden. One of my first memories is of my grandmother holding me on the stoop outside their house and I am throwing a tantrum because I want to help my grandfather in the garden. (He was smoking out hornet nests at the time, so it wouldn’t have been a very good idea for her to let me help him.) My grandparents had a large garden for a very long time. They grew beans, zucchinis, potatoes, corn, apples, peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes. I remember my grandfather making applesauce, tomato sauce, canning pickles and filling the kitchen with wonderful smells. My Poppy died when I was 4, but I am grateful for all the time I spent in the garden with him because it means I still have memories of him 23 years later. The summer after he died, my dad helped my grandmother plant the garden again, but over time, we became to busy to help and my grandmother could no longer bend to pull the weeds. By the time she moved out, the only thing that remained of my grandfather’s garden were the daffodil bulbs that bloomed every spring.

I do not have a very green thumb. I can keep a houseplant alive for awhile. Matt’s parents keep a garden too and Matt has always had plants. Last summer, we really had the opportunity to do some gardening again. Matt built an Earthtainer and Aunt Linda gave us some of her started tomato plants and they grew really well. We had great fresh tomatoes and as long as I had mozzarella, could make caprese salad whenever I wanted.

This year we decided we were going to expand a do a little more. Introducing our container garden:

Zucchini and various wildflowers

Lettuce, zucchini, beans and tomatoes in Earthtainer

Earthtainer…this is end of June..it is now double this size.

Basil, beans, peppers and rosemary.

Unfortunately, the Earthtainer got too top heavy and went over yesterday, losing a lot of young tomatoes. They’re currently sitting in a bowl in hopes that they will ripen. We have some baby zucchinis growing and today, we picked our first bean!

It was delicious! I called my grandmother after I wrote the first paragraph of this post because I wanted to share my joy of picking this vegetable off the vine. We’re going to be really sad if we have to leave all of our plants to move. I am sure that the neighbors will enjoy the bounty of our harvest and then we’ll take a ride up here in the Fall to pick up the rest of the pots and the Earthtainer. But unfortunately, no canning for us!

So if we are here, we plan on doing some canning. Probably tomato sauce, definitely pesto from the basil and we’ll freeze zucchini and beans. And if the peppers do well, salsa.

I need to start thinking of ideas for my 30 before 30 list….the birthday is coming up, I want to be prepared! My friend Darcie is doing a 30 before 30 and a 365 day photo project and has a bet going with her husband that she can’t buy a pair of shoes for a year. I’m stealing the first 2 ideas, but I can’t give up shoes. 🙂

I’m off to read a magazine, watch No Reservations and relax for the night.