Specifically with Michele Bachmann.

I grew up Republican. I get it. But this crazy Tea Party, fanatical, overbearing, right wing conservatism makes my skin crawl and want to move to Canada.

First off, the pledge she signed? Scary on numerous levels. From its statement that African American children were better off in slavery to the statement about homosexuality being a conscious choice, I want to scream at the misinformation it contains.

Her lack of her basic knowledge of United States history is disturbing. Really, John Quincy Adams, 9 at the age of the Revolution, is a Founding Father? Her lack of humility about being mistaken is also appalling. Presented with the facts, she digs her heels in and stands by her misstatements.

Honestly, I think that as a nation we are ready for a female president, but this crazy needs to step aside and let someone who has humility and grace run.

Here’s a link to some fun things that she’s said.