Let me explain. But first, a disclaimer. I AM NOT PREGNANT.

Now. Moving on.

2 weeks ago I was in the snack shop buying coffee in the morning. The person checking me out said “You’re going to have a baby, aren’t you?” To which I replied, “Nope, just fat.” with a big grin. Her response “Well, you’re not fat, but soon, you’ll have a baby soon.”

Today, I got a chat message from a former co-worker saying “A little bird told me that you’re going to be a mommy-to-be, congrats!”

I feel like people know something that I don’t!

It was definitely the kick in the pants I needed to work out today. I forgot my headphones, so went home and convinced Matt that he should walk with me. We did 2.38 miles from our house to the Arbo, then back with some stairwork in there. Matt is pretty good trainer…he made me keep going and doing stairs when I was complaining that I was dehydrated.

I ate well at dinner too. Whole wheat pita, tomato and spinach with parma cheese sprinkled on top, with carrots dipped in ranch dressing (probably less than a tsp) and apple juice and have been chugging water since we’ve been home. I just need to stay on track and keep walking, then running and running and running.

Can I tell you how good it feels to actually run? I am badly out of shape and can’t go very far, but it’s just like riding a bike, I just have to keep going and it will come back to me. I think I need to get a race on my schedule so I have something else to train for. Unfortunately, I don’t want to put money in a race until we know where we are. If we’re in Philly, I can run with my sister. In Newport News….well, I’ll find someone to run with.

Also, I miss Spin. I hope there are classes this fall wherever we are so I can start again. I said that my goal was to get my body baby ready, so I need to get crackin’ on it. Especially since people already think I am!