The past 24 hours have been a whirlwind punctuated by a lot of waiting.

I got to sleep in a little bit yesterday because my interview didn’t start until 10:30 and got a ton of reading done in the morning. The interview itself went really well. I felt really prepared because I spent an hour the night before talking to a friend who had worked there and everything she said I was still ringing true the next day and she hadn’t worked there in almost 4 years. I really enjoyed my time with the students. They took me over to the Great Hall and to meet Athena and were so thrilled that they got to talk about their traditions with me.

My sister picked me up right after that and we went to J.Crew to buy me a birthday present. We picked out a gorgeous navy blue shift that I can wear all year round and for a variety of different events. It’s very Jackie.O. We headed back to her and Kari’s apartment, changed and then went to Main Street Manayunk for apps and a drink. We enjoyed catching up on gossip, had some great food and then headed back to change into comfy clothes.

I got to the train station with plenty of time to spare and saw that it was delayed for 30 minutes. 30 minutes was an under-estimation on their part since we didn’t board the 12:13am train until about 1:25am. Luckily they made up some time between Philly and NYC and the train emptied out significantly after NYC. Which was also the only time I managed to get some sleep. After that, I couldn’t get comfortable again and set up the rest of the time playing games on my phone and playing on Facebook. Matt picked me up at 6am and we crawled into bed right away. I headed into the office after that and got some work done and have been sitting on the couch reading ever since.

I finished Clash of Kings and just started on A Storm of Swords. I am trying to read as fast as possible so that I can get my hands on the new book which arrived in the mail today. Matt has sequestered himself to the air conditioned bedroom to read in peace.

As much as I would love to continue this post with some commentary on current affairs, I’m freakin’ exhausted. I’m going to finish up the dishes and head to bed.

Night y’all!