Here’s to WordPress, already easier than Weebly. I had an awesome post all about our weekend away in DC and saved it to drafts, refreshed the page and it was off in lala internet land. So, I’m hoping this host works better and I won’t work hard on a post to have it disappear again. So instead of writing the whole thing out again, bullets with pictures:

  • We randomly stopped in NYC to see Sarah 2 weekends ago. What started as a quick drink and dinner turned into drinks at the Algonquin, dinner at Bond45, then a quick walk to see go hang out with Anthony in a bar in a theater where he is performing, to a taxi ride uptown to see Kimmy and meet The Tyler. It was fabulous, but we drove home the next day and went to sleep, then went to Amy’s wedding where I was pooped out by 10pm.
  • Marie, Sarah and I spent the next week housing first year students. We moved to an online system this year, which made it easier to decipher things. I think we made some good matches and some of the students coming in sound pretty awesome.

I cut all my hair off last Thursday night. I have issues with sticking my hair behind my ears, so my previous inverted bob style ended up looking sloppy. So the stylist when shorter and thinned it out a little more.

Now I just need to remember to actually go get it trimmed so it stays this good!

  • On Friday we headed to DC to hang out with Liz and Ash for a few days. Lots of wine and beer were consumed, Ash and Matt bonded over torturing my ex-boyfriend and we went to a distillery and a winery. Fun times were had by all. I also failed at picture taking when we were there.
  • Sunday morning, Matt rushed me out of the house to head to Aunt Linda’s to meet up with the rest of the Dravis clan. Matt’s cousin Ashley and his wife Melissa adopted two little boys and this was their introduction to the extended family. We spent a lot of time in the pool and ate lots of yummy food.

Also, my niece and nephew are awesome. We hadn’t seen them since March, so it was great to spend time with them.

That’s all for now…need to rescue the zucchini bread from its pan!